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Our program is an entrepreneurship series promoting education and practical application to female high school students culminating into a final showcase with a chance to win internships. The pilot program began at the start of the 2015 – 2016 school year at Harding University High School in partnership with MeckEd’s Career Pathways program.

As we moved into our 2nd year, we enhanced and implemented the program within the Grier Heights Community in partnership with Crossroads Corporation. Our goal is to teach young ladies how to create one business that will promote sustainability and unity within the community.

We are decided to expand our teaching of entrepreneurship through our SBU Headquarter program. This program is the next level for our participants who are not apart of our chapter models. Being apart of the SBU HQ program provides:

  • 4 monthly sessions
  • business mentors
  • virtual membership
  • discount on SBU apparel and much more.
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